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Relaxing Body Butter

Relaxing Body Butter

Price: £6.95
Product Description

Available exclusively at the SenSpa Boutique and at Waitrose stores nationwide.

SenSpa Relaxing Body Butter is the perfect aftercare solution following a relaxing bath for continued easing of muscles and mind. SenSpa specialises in organic skincare and this organic body butter contains only natural ingredients for natural effects you can trust.

SenSpa organic body butter contains a variety of plant extracts and essential oils including relaxing lavender, nutrient rich starflower and soothing jasmine extract. Each extract combines it’s powers to create a soothing scent that's kind to skin.

An exotic blend of refreshing bergamot, brightening patchouli and irritation reducing geranium essential oils renovate skin and relax muscles. Immerse yourself in the beautiful fragrance of this nourishing body butter and indulge your body with this super luxurious formulation to restore moisture and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.

Directions: After showering or bathing, apply onto dry skin and massage until absorbed.

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