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Health, Happiness and Hydrotherapy

Our SenSpa gym and health club is more than just a venue for developing your fitness. It is an experience where members combine and enhance the mental, physical and social aspects of their life. Don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at some of the feedback we’ve been getting from our SenSpa Gym and Health Club members.


"The Senspa is like a second home to me!   I joined because I like to maintain a level of fitness and have used it regularly for the past two years. 

The staff are really friendly and I particularly enjoy the PT sessions - the social activities make it feel  more like a club than a gym!"


"It must be eleven or so years when we Joined. We were looking for a health centre that could help our aging bodies in trim, in pleasant surroundings, without too much pressure.

Well we seem to have chosen well to both be enjoying our three times a week visits, to the aqua and gym. We look forward to the social events when we can relax, enjoying the informal contact with fellow members and staff.

So well done Senspa"

Roger & Ginny

"In my mind, I am in my mid twenties, in truth I am in my late fifties, and when I joined Senspa last year I was overweight, out of condition and had asthma (using an inhaler regularly). I felt three hours or so dog walking a week was ample excercise, and just climbing the stairs was a bit of a 'chore'.

Initially I was nervous but the initial 'personal training' session at the gym raised my confidence, the professional and gentle encouragement from the trainers taught me how to use the equipment and set a  training 'regime' that worked for me.  This gave me the boost to come and go at leisure and work at a pace that suited me, if I wanted more, the staff are always on hand to 'set the bar' a little higher and a weekly 'one to one' training is available.

The other members are friendly and supportive, and this is enhanced by a monthly members 'social' evening.  In my year I have enjoyed meeting some lovely people, the members and spa guests 'rub along' well in the Thai inspired environment, and there is no competition about 'what to wear' at this spa.

The support staff at the spa are always welcoming and helpful, the showers and facilities are clean, (with shower gel, shampoos etc freely available),  they are well maintained and there is always a supply of fresh towels and hair driers.

All that aside, I now find myself after nearly a years membership at Senspa with the energy levels I recall having in my twenties, the stairs and life are no longer a chore, my body is more toned and I can't remember the last time I needed to use my asthma inhaler.  It has made a real and genuine difference to my well being and has given me tons of pleasure as well, thanks guys."


"The reason why I joined Sen Spa was mainly to join the gym allowing me to keep fit and healthy, the fact that you offer a personal training session was a big plus point as I need a bit of motivating and without that I would not have kept up a regular training program.

I am really pleased that I joined; it has made a real difference to my fitness and I like the facilities of both the SenSpa hotel and restaurants.

I find the staff freindly and easy going and the general atmosphere welcoming, I am very pleased that I joined and look forward to my second year as a member"


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