Lava Shell Massage at Spa in Hampshire
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SenSpa Lava Shell Massage | 60 Minutes | £85

A relaxing and pampering full body massage using self-heating Natural Tiger clam lava shells and aromatherapy oils to warm the body. A celebrity favourite, The warmth from the lava shell is absorbed by the muscle, encouraging it to relax and release tension.

These eco-friendly lava shells come from the south-pacific and are powered by lava gel, ­ a mixture of minerals, algae and dead sea kelp which, when mixed with sea water, generates its own heat.  The warmth of the shells combined with deeply relaxing massage techniques and a relaxing oil, creates a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. Aromatherapy oil containing calming clary sage, geranium, spikenard and vetivert relieves stress and deeply relax, creating a truly sublime and unforgettable experience.  

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