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Combining the finest natural ingredients with the purifying effects of water is the key to a spa hydrotherapy treatment.

SenSpa’s award winning spa hydrotherapy treatment facilities offer a range of rejuvenating experiences. The Vichy shower used in our Pure Spa hydrotherapy treatments releases powerful jets of water down the centre line of your body, stimulating pressure points, easing knots and tensions and helping tired muscles to relax.

Using the purest salts and muds on earth, SenSpa’s Nam, Water Relaxer and Moroccan Rhassoul mud massage will send you to a higher plane of relaxation. Not only will you feel revitalised, your skin will feel healthier and more nourished.

To book your next natural spa hydrotherapy treatment at our New Forest spa, book online or call us on 01590 624467.


SenSpa Pure Spa Treatment Menu

Moroccan Hamman Massage

Price: £90

This medium pressure massage deeply cleanses and smoothes the skin whilst stimulating blood circulation and easing muscle tension

60 Minutes


Nam, Water Relaxer

Price: £90

Begins with a Body scrub and Vichy shower and completed with a soothing massage to the back, shoulders and neck to ease all tension.

60 Minute


Rhassoul Mud Treatment

Price: £85 for two people or £60 for one person

Apply cleansing and detoxifying Rhassoul mud all over your body, face and hair and relax in your private steam chamber

30 Minutes