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SenMen Active Facial | 60 Minute | £80

Skin exposed to the elements needs a more intensive spa treatment to protect and nourish where the elements have affected the layers of the skin. The SenMen Active treatment addresses the damage caused by the environment and includes a spa men’s facial massage.

This spa facial begins with a gentle cleansing exfoliator and mask to cleanse and smooth the skin. This is followed by relaxing Swedish massages to the feet, hands and lower legs and arms. Warm Manuka honey is then massaged over the face, neck and upper chest to moisturise and exfoliate leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Your face, neck and shoulders are then expertly massaged with organic plant oils to deeply nourish the skin and ease out tension in the neck and shoulders. The oils are removed with a warm towel and a soothing serum, eye cream and protective moisturiser is applied. This spa treatment ends with a spritz of refreshing face mist and a relaxing scalp massage leaving you feeling soothed, hydrated and protected.

The 66°30 skincare range for men is specially formulated to leave the skin smooth and looking younger without oily residues.

Who is it suitable for?

Men who work outside, who do a lot of travelling or the active sportsman; this rejuvenating facial works to rehydrate, soothe and protect weathered, tired skin that needs a little extra care.


Healing Manuka honey helps to combat irritation caused by shaving. Kaolin helps to draw out dirt and impurities whilst apricot and argan oil hydrate the skin. Shea butter deeply nourishes and protects the skin when exposed to the elements.

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