Mind, Body & Spirit Therapy at SenSpa in Hampshire

Soothe Your Spirit

The word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning 'breath'. SenSpa is the quiet space you seek, the space to breathe, take measure and let go of your stress and tension.

Finding time to 'breathe', time to truly relax and consciously take a moment to stop is hard in such a fast paced world, but is absolutely necessary.

SenSpa believes in the importance of health and happiness, we have created a sanctuary where harmony can be restored between mind, body and spirit; spirit being our 'essential nature', the part of us that endures our mental stress, our emotions and our energy.

Through relaxation we can become more connected with our spirit. SenSpa gives you the rare opportunity in our busy lives to make time for 'you' and therefore time to become more aware of and reconnect with your spirit. Our five star spa facilities were created specifically to give you the space you need for pure relaxation, in whichever form that takes for you.

We have created an extensive list of treatments which work to relax the mind, ease the body and soothe the soul through deep massage and relieving of tension, ancient ayurvedic techniques and meditation, and traditional Thai practices.

Our Thai Temple Studio allows a space for meditation; SenSpa's Mind & Body Class is a perfect combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.