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Luxury Spa Massages

Discover our range of award winning massages

We’ve combined classic Western massages with an Eastern influence to create massages guaranteed to release aches and pains and leave you feeling truly reinvigorated.

Our luxury body massages are provided by award winning therapists and our oils are made of the finest, first pressed ingredients infused with organic or wild essential extracts. 

Thai Massage | SenSpa at Careys Manor


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Prana-Calm-MassagePrana, Calm Mind Ritual

A deeply relaxing treatment to calm and clear the mind of every day stress. 

From £95 per person

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Bespoke-Asian-MassageBespoke Asian Massage

A personalised massage designed to calm the mind or revitalise the body.

From £65 per person

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Sen-Harony-MassageSen Harmony - Signature Treatment

Head to toe treatment pamper!  This is our most complete and transformative signature treatment.

From £115 per person

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SenSpa-Sen-Vitalising-MassageSen Vitalising Massage - Signature Treatment

A firm massage to loosen tight muscles and help to improve circulation using a combination of deep pressure and natural body oils.

From £85 Per Person

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Thai Journey Spa Day | SenSpa at Careys ManorEssential Relaxation Massage

A soothing spa massage.  Perfect for anyone that is trying massage for the first time.  An excellent choice for anyone feeling stressed.

From £75 Per Person

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SenSpa-Moroccan-Hamman-MassageMoroccan Hammam Massage

This medium pressure massage deeply cleanses and smoothes the skin whilst stimulating blood circulation to detox and ease muscle tension.

From £95 Per Person

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SenSpa-Anti-Stress-MassageAnti-Stress Massage

A deeply relaxing spa massage treatment ideal if you have back, neck and shoulder tension.   

From £65 Per Person

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Traditional-Thai-MassageTraditional Thai Massage

Perfect if you enjoy a deep massage or are experiencing muscular tension. Particularly effective for sports people and those that spend long periods of time driving or working at a computer.

From £85 Per Person

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Traditional-Thai-Remedial-MassageTraditional Thai Remedial Massage

A traditional Thai massage designed to help alleviate specific pain you may be experiencing. The massage is perfect if you suffer from muscular pain or reduced range of movement due to muscular tension. 

From £95 Per Person

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SenSpa-Head-MassageAyurvedic Head Massage

This head massage is ideal if you feel stressed, suffer from insomnia or are mentally tired. Headache and Sinusitis sufferers also benefit from this therapy.

From £75 Per Person

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Thai Herbal Poultice Back Massage

This SenSpa massage is a great remedy for tired muscles, reducing muscle tension in the back, soothing aches and pains and improving skin texture.

From £85 Per Person

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Thai Herbal Poultice Full Body Massage

A heavenly full body massage using a hot 'Thai poultice' filled with exotic herbs to relieve tired and aching muscles and improve skin texture. 

From £115 Per Person

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SenSpa Lava Shell Massage

A unique relaxing massage perfect if you have tired, aching muscles and poor circulation. Highly recommended if you love heat and are looking for deep relaxation. 

From £85 Per Person

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Sen Fusion Massage - Signature Treatment

This full body massage rebalances your energy, relaxes tired and sore muscles with a calming effect.  An excellent choice for an alternative deep massage.

From £115 Per Person

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Sri Sa Scalp Massage

A 15 minute extension to your massage or facial, the Sri Sa Scalp massage is wonderful for anyone who feels stressed, suffers from insomnia or is generally feeling mentally exhausted.

From £23 Per Person

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Tension Reliever Massage - Mini Massage

A mini treatment ideal if you are short on time and suffer from tension headaches or you are feeling back tension.  

From £45 Per Person

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Oriental Relaxer - Mini Massage

An express treatment which is a perfect treat if you suffer with tension headaches and are mentally tired.  This is an incredibly effective treatment if you are short on time and need a quick stress reliever. 

From £45 Per Person

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Aromatic Detox Massage

This treatment is for anyone that is slimming or wants to improve problem skin and the appearance of cellulite.  This light pressure massage is perfect if you feel your body is in need of a detox.

From £45 Per Person

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Mother To Be Spa Day | SenSpa at Careys Manor

Pregnancy Massage

An hour of pampered bliss, just when you need it!  A safe treatment especially designed for pregnant ladies to alleviate lower back ache and tired legs. 

From £85 Per Person

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Oriental Foot Massage

A unique foot spa treatment that targets your aches and pains holistically. Great if you are on your feet all day and have tense calves.

From £85 Per Person

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  • “The only thing missing from this otherwise authentic experience, is the jet lag”.

    Sunday Times Travel

  • The SenSpa Health Club has become a second home to me! The staff are really friendly and I particularly enjoy the PT sessions - the social activities make it feel  more like a club than a gym!"


  • "Greeted with a friendly 'sawadeeka', snug white robe, slippers and a cup of hot Thai green tea, SenSpa guests are treated to an impressive two-floor hydrotherapy haven."


  • "Why fly to Thailand? Lose the spa miles and go to the New Forest instead. The authentic Thai influence sets SenSpa apart from other spas."

    The Good Spa Guide

  • "We are B-I-G fans of SenSpa‘s bodycare and haircare: unbelievably good value, and performance that rivals products 5, 6, sometimes 10 times the price.".

    The Beauty Bible

  • “The spa seems to have done wonders for my skin, which now feels fresh and super soft”.

    National Geographic Traveller

  • “The award-winning Thai spa is the highlight, featuring what I've found to be the widest range of spa experiences in Hampshire”. 

    The Telegraph

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