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3 of the Best Ways to Manage Stress and Relax

20th Aug 2015

Life isn’t smooth sailing, but it can be manoeuvred with calm skill. Figuring out a way to de-stress and unwind that works for you can have many positive long-term effects, including keeping you feeling and looking young.

We all know that stress can lead to many potential health issues but a new study led by the students at Harvard Medical School state that stress can lead to increased risk of heart attacks.

Our mission at SenSpa is to de-stress our visitors by using a variety of relaxation techniques with our spa treatments, as well as teaching techniques to try at home. Try our 3 best ways to relax and de stress.

From luxury spa breaks to exercise, ways to manage stress can involve as much time or effort as you’d like – just make sure you do it!

Tip 1: Luxury Spa Breaks

Spend up to 3 nights at our award-winning spa, relishing the contrast of absolute peace and quiet compared to your busy home or work life. SenSpa, a spa of tranquillity inspired by ancient Eastern traditions and Western techniques provides the perfect backdrop to de-stress and relax. A luxury spa break at SenSpa includes full access of the Thai spa facilities including hydrotherapy pool, herbal sauna, crystal steam room, experience showers and more. Now refreshed and revitalised, life seems manageable again and you can return home with an invaluable fresh perspective.

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Tip 2: Exercise

It’s at the forefront of most dilemmas as a solution, and exercise can help you de-stress for free. Just a 20-minute walk or jog up the road can improve your mood for up to 12 hours. If you find it hard to get motivated or aren’t a fan of running, try out a dancing game and have a boogie, or put on a free Yoga YouTube tutorial.

Tip 3: Socialise

Make the effort to plan your week ahead with friends and family so that Monday morning is more manageable and moves faster. Whenever you feel stress rising, remind yourself of everything you have to look forward to in the week, such as seeing friends for a drink, a date night or a crafting session with the kids.

If you’re looking for the best way to relax, then SenSpa is the answer. Find out more about our luxury spa breaks.

3 Of The Best Ways To Manage Stress and Relax


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