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And The Elephant Looks On

2nd Oct 2014

A scant way out from Brockenhurst,
'Midst King William’s royal forest,
Lies a sweet & sensual shangri-la.
A site of peace to energise & irrigate the soul,
And readily accessible by car.
'Mongst spreading oaks & towering ash,
Where the fallow deer tread softly,
Senspa opens wide its loving arms.
“come & take repose,” it smiles,
“leave the madding grind behind you,
Holistically enfolded in my charms.”
Or if you would prefer it,
Come to pump some iron.
Cross-train 'til you shatter through your wall.
Pedal 'til you're lithe & sleek,
Give tone to every fibre;
Senspa can accommodate you all.
Come see what awaits you;
A plethora of pleasures.
Each finely-wrought to service your delight.
A succession of experiences shall be laid before you,
And you may take your fancy where you might.
But first port of call's the changing rooms,
To shed away your garments,
And prepare yourselves to soothe away your frowns.
For the sake of all your karmas,
Put on some thai pyjamas,
Or enrobe yourselves in snowy towelling gowns.
The hydro pool takes centre stage,
So don your bathing costume,
And slide into its watery embrace.
You can splash away your troubles,
'Pon a bed of frothing bubbles
(and the underwater jets may put a smile on your face).
Now that you're refreshed perhaps you'd like a herbal sauna,
To banish harmful toxins from your pores.
Recline upon the wooden slats,
Let the perspiration flow,
And a clean & healthy dermis shall be yours.
You stayed in there an hour?
Then you'd best go have a shower,
And experience the drenching of a storm.
A monsoon raining scented splashes,
A seastorm where the lightning flashes.
Icy cold or soft & soothing warm.
(if you've stood beneath the ice storm
With a wish for something more,
And you've found the coldest setting insufficient,
Then nearby hangs the kubel douche,
And crushed ice by the bucket;
If you're brave enough you'll find it beneficient.)
'Midst softly scented shimmering steam senspa has a chamber,
With a crystal of rare beauty at its centre.
An amethyst tranquility pervades this tiled haven,
And its charms shall steal upon you as you enter.
If you're feeling romanesque come enter the laconicum,
And experience an imperial sensation.
Then in the tepidarium recline beside the fountain,
And surrender to an ancient relaxation.
Then come hither to the hammam rooms to smear on rhassoul mud,
And enjoy all that which surely would entail.
Into blessed loving privacy enter with a partner...
And now over that perhaps we'll draw a veil.
And of course there are the treatments to pamper & enliven you;
Kinsei moksa santi or sen fusion.
Bao jai or paripurna,
Norisshu or manuka;
They'll tend to all your troubles' dissolution.
Fond greetings to the aqua babes,
And to their loving husbands,
Those uncomplaining faithful-hearted aqua babe chauffeurs.
As they patiently attend,
You swim through gentle conversation
(whilst preferably preventing droplets spoiling your coiffeurs).
To the early morning swimmers now,
Pray take this hearty welcome,
You who breathe the glories of the dawn.
'Midst winter chill you'll leave your bed,
Whilst stars are dimming overhead,
And senspa will await you as another day is born.
But all of us are different,
And some prefer the evening,
To soothe away the edges of a long demanding day.
Greetings then to each of you,
You post-noon exercisers.
The morning is for others.
You walk a later way.
Hail to the body-pumpers!
Hail to the bikers!
Taut of thew & keen to show your mettle & your fight.
Lift a weight then lift more still,
Then follow roger pepperill,
As you prove you've got the stuff by taking on the isle of wight.
Greetings to the yoga folk.
Namaste & well-met.
Proud you should be of the fine example that you set.
Proud is what you could be,
But pride is not your way,
As you perform gayatri at the rising of the day.
But do open your awareness as you're holding your asana,
That to senspa you're a precious jewel,
You conduits of prana.
And at last a heartfelt greeting to the sleek & sensual staff,
Whose efforts make your stay a signal pleasure.
I'm sure you'd like to give them all a rousing acclamation,
For in this place they are the truest treasure.
So to Ruby & to Tabitha,
To Len & to Amanda,
To absent friends who sadly didn't make it here tonight,
Let me extend from SenSpa a jasmine-scented welcome,
To relax in this oasis that exists for your delight.
The energy that each you bring gives life to all this beauty,
That lingers like a promise when you're gone.
At night the cooling tiles hold faint echoes of Len Miles,
And waiting for the morning,
The elephant looks on.
Phil Breach 2011
And The Elephant Looks On


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