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Back To School Escape By Beauty Editor Sara Niven

17th Sep 2017

There’s a slight chill in the air, the whiff of bonfire as oppose to barbecue smoke and no doubt the summer is over, whatever day it officially ends.

For working parents that could be considered a blessing. Summer holidays generally involve a serious juggling act for the majority of those I know, not to mention expense.
However, the “back to school” period can also present a challenge. There’s the prospect of the deteriorating weather and darker mornings/afternoons to contend with on top of new routines to adjust to as Ali Dagwell of Social Media training company and flexible work campaigner Digital Mums points out.
“This time of year can be especially tough,” she says.  “Parents have ‘enjoyed’ a six week hiatus from screaming ‘get out the door…now.. now… yes NOW!’ Then they are faced with getting full swing back into commuting, childcare, school runs, after school clubs and more.”
If that rings a few bells, it is entirely understandable to baulk at the idea of the suggestion that among this chaos you take time out for yourself. Particularly if that involves something as “decadent” as a spa visit. I get it, I really do. Both in terms of feeling there simply is no time as well as the financial aspect.
Firstly, hands up, I admit that despite writing about beauty I don’t always practice what I preach. I was lucky enough to be asked to review an anti-ageing facial a few weeks ago but as I type my nails aren’t filed let alone varnished, my last hair cut was around four months ago and I managed to forget to shower during the school run rush this morning, never mind cleanse, tone and moisturise. It has been one of those weeks. The type when time for yourself equates to cleaning your teeth.
What’s keeping me smiling, albeit through gritted teeth at times, is the ring around a certain day in my diary next month with a smiley face drawn in for good measure. With deadlines met (even if that means sitting up past midnight..) that’s the day I’m heading off to SenSpa for their Mum’s Spa Escape along with a friend and fellow working parent. We’ve planned it to the point we have already decided what Thai dish we will be choosing for lunch (no, we don’t get out much). Nothing - bar serious illness – our own or our offspring – is going to stop us.
Back To School Escape By Sara Niven | SenSpa
Of course, people unwind in a variety of ways but personally, a visit to a really good spa is top of my list; what’s not to love? Our twice-yearly trip to sit chatting in the hot tub, enjoy an hour’s pampering and amazing two course Thai lunch is well worth investing the equivalent of two frothy coffees a week in. We come away feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Or at least another few months of juggling anyway.
So, give some serious consideration to escaping likewise for five hours one school day this autumn. There’s umpteen reasons why you shouldn’t and wouldn’t but one very important reason to do it anyway. Because you’re worth it as the ad says. And because it is great fun to see other parents trying to guess what you’ve been up to when they see someone grinning from ear to ear on the afternoon school run.

Take a few hours out of your hectic afternoon and head to the sanctuary of SenSpa for a "Mum's Spa Escape" Perfectly timed around the school run! 


Back To School Escape By Sara Niven


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