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Why Exfoliate?

6th Aug 2018

Laura Shackell, SenSpa's Boutique Manager, delves into the importance of exfoliating and the benefits of doing this weekly.

Exfoliating is an important step in your weekly skincare regime. This simple step has a variety of different benefits for you and your skin.

Throughout your life the cells which make up your skin constantly renew to keep you skin healthy. However, in this process skin cells are constantly being created which means some have to die to make way for healthier new skin cells. If the dead skin cells aren’t removed on a daily basis they can start to block the pores which can lead to the production of acne .This can also create the appearance of dull lifeless skin.

On a day to day basis our skins are exposed to pollutants, dirt and bacteria. These also stay on the skin encouraging pores to block and reduce the luminosity of the skin.

By carrying out exfoliation on a weekly basis, this removes the dead lifeless skin cells making room for bright and healthy skin cells.

Another benefit is when we apply moisturiser to the skin they are absorbed in to the skin straight away instead of sitting on top of the build-up of dry, dead, lifeless skin cells. This means that your products work more effectively and help you achieve the results your desire.

Chemical based products VS Natural

Your skin is a living, breathing organ and absorb everything that is applied whether its natural or unnatural.

Some products on the market don’t just have exfoliating particles in, they also have chemicals in to boost the product effectiveness. Chemicals aren’t always healthy for your skin. Chemical based products can irritate and sensitise your skin. Some of these chemicals are known to strip the skin of natural oil which sounds beneficial but your skin panics into producing more oil leaving you in a vicious cycle. Particular chemicals found in everyday skincare products are also found in household cleaning items along with industrial products. Chemical based products have also been known to cause unpleasant allergic reactions.

When choosing the right exfoliator you may want to consider one that is going to work with your skin in a gentle but effective way. This is where natural exfoliators come in to their own. Natural exfoliators contain ingredients that help your skin to look its best and thrive.

Nature created an abundance of powerful and effective ingredients for us to utilise which creates the question of why are chemicals needed within our skincare products? Each skincare range uses its own selection of powerhouse ingredients to give you long lasting results without damaging the skin. Some of nature’s gifts that can be found within exfoliators are pumice, bamboo, rice, oats and many more. In production of these products, the creators constantly consider the sustainability of each ingredient and the impact to the environment we live in.

Once you have selected the skincare brand you would like to experience, the question becomes which exfoliator suits your skin type. Each brand will state on their packaging which products are suitable for which skin type along with usage instructions. However selecting the right product for your skin can be mind boggling so talking to a skincare specialist within the brand can be invaluable as they will be able select the correct product for you and your skin. These specialist have expert knowledge not only on the products but on the skin itself and how to achieve the results you desire.

Selecting the correct skincare products can be a mind field. However if you would like some advice please contact the spa boutique on 01590 625216 or email via boutique@senspa.co.uk



Why exfoliate

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