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Meet the team: Tina Herridge

Jan 2020

We caught up with award winning Head Therapist Tina Herridge who has dedicated her career to SenSpa since it opened its doors in 2004.

Why did you want to become a therapist?

In truth, I cannot fully answer the question because my mum says that from the age of 7 all I wanted to be was a beauty therapist. I would like to thank my family members for pretending to love my first attempts at painting nails and doing make up at this young age. I hope my clients are now receiving a better job! As I grew older and studied beauty therapy, my passion now lies in helping people to relax, take time out and lead a wellness lifestyle.

What is your philosophy as a therapist?

My philosophy is to make people feel good about themselves. I feel I achieve this through promoting health, relaxation and wellness in my approach as a therapist. This involves providing a whole treatment experience for the guest, tailored to their needs, ultimately improving their overall wellness.

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What aspects of therapy do you most enjoy?

I am most passionate about all types of massage; Swedish, Thai, Ayurvedic, NoHands, Poultice and Lava Shell therapy. My years of experience enable me to combine all these techniques, creating a unique experience tailored to my clients needs.

What is the most popular treatments with your clients?

At SenSpa massage is the most popular treatment. However, each client has a preferred treatment, for example, a lava shell massage or pedicure and they will return to have their preferred treatment. A couple of my regular clients return for different types of massages, and facials, due to the results provided.


How has SenSpa helped you to progress as a therapist?

SenSpa focuses a great deal on the training and development of individuals. I received in depth training from a Thai trainer when I first started at SenSpa. This was followed by a variety of customer service courses and product range training to enhance my knowledge and skills. As massage is my passion, the training I have received in these areas has been the most fulfilling.

Later, as a Senior Therapist I trained in Traditional Thai massage at Wat Po in Bangkok. This trip enabled me to learn more about Thai culture, to support the team I was managing.

When I was promoted to head therapist I completed various courses in management, providing me with the necessary skills to lead a successful team of therapists.

Following this, I completed a diploma in teaching to support my current role as a spa trainer, alongside managing a team of therapists.

TPOT, The Power of Touch training, learning how to massage people undergoing active treatment for cancer, alongside becoming a mental health first aider, leading the SenSpa Green Team, becoming a Love the Forest Ambassador, working with local colleges and attending industry events shows how much I love to continually learn and how learning is ongoing and a huge part of my life. I am currently learning about nutrition and how this supports health.

All of the training I have completed since starting at SenSpa has developed and refined my skills as a therapist, manager and trainer. I am very grateful for all the training which has developed my career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank SenSpa.

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What is your proudest moment?

An Inspiration Trainer Finalist in TPOT Shine your Light Awards 2019. I feel very proud of this huge achievement.

Prior to this, I won Body Therapist of the Year under the British Spa and Beauty Awards 2009 and I won Student of the Year at College in 2002.

What figure within the beauty industry do you most respect and why?

I most respect my manager, Lina Lotto, Spa Director. I aspire to gain as much knowledge and experience as Lina, through working closely with her at SenSpa. Lina has a lot of experience and knowledge about the spa industry having set up many spas around the world. Lina is very creative and makes things happen, such as setting up the SenSpa Academy and developing SenSpa products.

I enjoy working with Lina because she is a team player, modelling and coaching the staff around her. I aim to take advantage of her expertise and skills to be the best I can be.

Please tell us your top beauty tip?

Exfoliate the skin with Eminence’s Strawberry rhubarb Dermafoliant, containing rice and oats before using a face mask. Not only does it remove dead skin cells, the strawberry acts as a hoover and pulls out excess oil and impurities to deep clean the skin too, leaving your skin soft, supple and glowing. By applying a face mask after exfoliation it allows the mask to penetrate deeper down to the bottom layers of the skin, gaining maximum benefits.


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