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  • We caught up with award winning Head Therapist Tina Herridge who has dedicated her career to SenSpa since it opened its doors in 2004.

    Why did you want to become a therapist?

    In truth, I cannot fully answer the question because my mum says that from the age of 7 all I wanted to be was a beauty therapist. I would like to thank my family members for pretending to love my first attempts at painting nails and doing make up at this young age. I hope my clients are now receiving a better job! As I grew older and studied beauty therapy, my passion now lies in helping people to relax, take time out and lead a wellness lifestyle.

    What is your philosophy as a therapist?

    My philosophy is to make people feel good about themselves. I feel I achieve this through promoting health, relaxation and wellness in my approach as a therapist. This involves providing a whole treatment experience for the guest, tailored to their needs, ultimately improving their overall wellness.

    SenSpa Unveils The Perfect Christmas Gift For Mum

    What aspects of therapy do you most enjoy?

    I am most passionate about all types of massage; Swedish, Thai, Ayurvedic, NoHands, Poultice and Lava Shell therapy. My years of experience enable me to combine all these techniques, creating a unique experience tailored to my clients needs.

    What is the most popular treatments with your clients?

    At SenSpa massage is the most popular treatment. However, each client has a preferred treatment, for example, a lava shell massage or pedicure and they will return to have their preferred treatment. A couple of my regular clients return for different types of massages, and facials, due to the results provided.


    How has SenSpa helped you to progress as a therapist?

    SenSpa focuses a great deal on the training and development of individuals. I received in depth training from a Thai trainer when I first started at SenSpa. This was followed by a variety of customer service courses and product range training to enhance my knowledge and skills. As massage is my passion, the training I have received in these areas has been the most fulfilling.

    Later, as a Senior Therapist I trained in Traditional Thai massage at Wat Po in Bangkok. This trip enabled me to learn more about Thai culture, to support the team I was managing.

    When I was promoted to head therapist I completed various courses in management, providing me with the necessary skills to lead a successful team of therapists.

    Following this, I completed a diploma in teaching to support my current role as a spa trainer, alongside managing a team of therapists.

    TPOT, The Power of Touch training, learning how to massage people undergoing active treatment for cancer, alongside becoming a mental health first aider, leading the SenSpa Green Team, becoming a Love the Forest Ambassador, working with local colleges and attending industry events shows how much I love to continually learn and how learning is ongoing and a huge part of my life. I am currently learning about nutrition and how this supports health.

    All of the training I have completed since starting at SenSpa has developed and refined my skills as a therapist, manager and trainer. I am very grateful for all the training which has developed my career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank SenSpa.

    This Christmas, Give The Gift Of Luxury

    What is your proudest moment?

    An Inspiration Trainer Finalist in TPOT Shine your Light Awards 2019. I feel very proud of this huge achievement.

    Prior to this, I won Body Therapist of the Year under the British Spa and Beauty Awards 2009 and I won Student of the Year at College in 2002.

    What figure within the beauty industry do you most respect and why?

    I most respect my manager, Lina Lotto, Spa Director. I aspire to gain as much knowledge and experience as Lina, through working closely with her at SenSpa. Lina has a lot of experience and knowledge about the spa industry having set up many spas around the world. Lina is very creative and makes things happen, such as setting up the SenSpa Academy and developing SenSpa products.

    I enjoy working with Lina because she is a team player, modelling and coaching the staff around her. I aim to take advantage of her expertise and skills to be the best I can be.

    Please tell us your top beauty tip?

    Exfoliate the skin with Eminence’s Strawberry rhubarb Dermafoliant, containing rice and oats before using a face mask. Not only does it remove dead skin cells, the strawberry acts as a hoover and pulls out excess oil and impurities to deep clean the skin too, leaving your skin soft, supple and glowing. By applying a face mask after exfoliation it allows the mask to penetrate deeper down to the bottom layers of the skin, gaining maximum benefits.


    If healthier habits, catching up with long lost friends or just having some time for you are among your new year's resolutions, give yourself a pat on the back for making your health and happiness a top priority for 2020 and treat yourself to a luxurious spa treatment or spa day at SenSpa.


  • Winter can be a difficult time of year - the shorter days, the colder weather, the continual rain, need we go on? All of this can take a toll on our mental health with 1 in 3 people in the UK suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

    But the key to enjoying this time of year is opening your mind to what is great about winter such as curling up in front of a log fire, crisp walks in the snow and the excuse to regularly pamper yourself! It’s also about tweaking the activities you would usually enjoy in the summer, instead of giving them up altogether. Read on to discover how to get the most out of the UK winter:


    1. Go outside!

    There are no excuses to avoid the outdoors when snuggly jackets, scarves and gloves exist! Get wrapped up and go for a Sunday walk through the forest. Nature can be at its finest in winter and if you’re lucky, covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. The fresh, crisp air will do wonders for your lungs and the exercise will help to alleviate winter blues.

    SenSpa Gym Health Club Membership

    2. Attend exercise classes

    January is the perfect month to sign up to a gym and get involved in a variety of exercise classes. The indulgence of Christmas often leaves many feeling sluggish and unmotivated, but a new year is a new beginning which means it's time to energise and up the fitness levels (before summer comes round oh-too-quickly!). Exercise is not only good for keeping fit, it is also a great way to clear the mind, with the release of endorphins helping to lift your mood. You may even make some new friends when you attend classed! Our luxury gym in Hampshire offers exercise classes such as meditation, dance aerobics, body pump, zumba toning and many more!

    Spring Green London Meal

    3. Eat The Seasons

    Sweet potatoes, clementines, brussel sprouts, pomegranates and kale are super foods and at their seasonal best in winter. This means they’ll taste better and are also packed full of goodness. Being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these foods will help to boost your immune system to help keep those nasty colds and coughs at bay, for a happy healthy you!

    4. Indulge in a luxury spa day

    Warm up at SenSpa this winter with an indulgent spa evening. What could be better than going to work knowing that an evening relaxing at an award winning spa is just a few hours away! Our hydrotherapy pool is the perfect place to unwind and it also has some amazing benefits. You can recline on the underwater benches and feel the gentle massaging bubble jets. The strategically placed water jets at differing heights will help to relax muscles, ease tension, increase circulation and improve joint mobility.

    Mum's Escape Spa Day

    5. New Year, New You

    In the depths of winter, it's hard to avoid the temptation to binge on netflix and comfort eat and this is completely okay in moderation but often the new year rolls round and we feel the need to cleanse ourselves of all this over-indulgence and winter hibernation. Usually this takes the form of some extreme diet or exercise regime but how about doing something a little kinder? It's hard enough to find the motivation to adopt healthier habits during the winter months as it is!

    For a fresh start to the new year, join us at SenSpa for a detox of your mind, body and soul with our winter spa day special offer. The 'Thai-Tox' spa day will take you to the exotic east without the jet lag with a whole day of realxing at our Thai spa, delicious (and nutritious) Thai food, a 60 minute Thai treatment, a relaxation class and some gorgeous SenSpa detox products to take home with you. After all, there’s nothing better than feeling warm and pampered on a cold day!


    If you would like to take advantage of the winter by indulging in a luxury evening spa experience or luxury spa day with SenSpa, please get in touch. 

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  • Giving a great Christmas present doesn’t always have to involve fighting through crowds, umpteen rolls of wrapping paper and long queues. Sara Niven looks at some alternative gift ideas.

    The act of giving should be a joyful one but sometimes can feel like an added pressure; particularly at Christmas when you may be buying for many. What you give can also be tricky. Will the gift be used or liked? Have you spent too much or too little? Is a gift of money or store voucher appropriate or will it be seen as too impersonal?

    Then there’s physical, environmental and financial aspects of giving to consider. More stuff requires more space, some gifts are less eco-friendly than others, while going into debt as a result of present buying isn’t the best start to a new year.



    Rethink gift giving

    If any of this strikes a chord and gift giving risks causing more stress than pleasure, it may be time for a rethink, as US based minimalist expert and Soulful Simplicity author, Courtney Carver advises.

    “One to one conversations with people we usually exchange gifts with prior to gift-giving season can be worthwhile. Ask if they want to do that this year and if so, could you do it differently? Could we trade gift exchange for lunch, a shared activity, or giving our time and money to a charity we each care about? The results will be different with each person, but these conversations can add clarity.”

    Why are you buying?

    Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist Marc Hekster, from The Summit Clinic, also suggests some self-reflection when deciding what to give and who you give to.

    “Consider if your gift is about status, value, love or pure politeness and if there are any hidden motivations or pressures?  A true gift is something given without the expectation of anything in return.  Consider what a person really wants or needs from you and how your gift could create a bond, or express a subliminal feeling.

    “Thoughtful gifts do not have to be expensive or come wrapped in Christmas paper.  They can be an expression of who you are and what someone means to you.  Wounds can be repaired and relationships enhanced by what you give; for example, a gift from mother to daughter might be a day out having a makeover together. That gift card then represents a form of bonding.”

    Twilight Treats | SenSpa

    More of an experience

    The idea of giving an “experience” gift has been embraced by one family I know who, for several years, have agreed to only give these to avoid adding to clutter. To date they have exchanged everything from a jewellery making workshop, to tickets for a comedy night. They view this as an opportunity to try something different that can be stored positively as a memory or new skill, rather than physically needing to find space for.

    Experience gifts aren’t necessarily cheaper but easily be tailored to different budgets. Two cinema tickets and an offer to babysit could be a welcome, modestly priced present for a couple who don’t get out much. Afternoon tea in a lovely hotel would likely go down well with a close friend or grandparent. Family members can also club together to share the cost of something more extravagant.

    Treat them to time

    As Courtney Carver points out, one important factor that often gets overlooked as we brandish our debit cards, is the value of time. She explains that one of her own gift exchanges is as basic as a phone call.

    “My sister-in-law and I love connecting, but have trouble making time for good, juicy phone calls. Our gift to each other a couple of years ago was to schedule monthly calls. Now, we exchange the same gift year after year; it's helped us stay connected and is something we both look forward to each month.

    “Placing presence before presents doesn't mean no gifts at all, but by prioritising time together, you give your children and loved ones something to treasure forever. If the lead up to a holiday involves over-working, over-spending and over-doing, it's harder to enjoy it and those important to us.”


    Take the wrap

    In these environmentally conscious times, alternative gifts can have the advantage of also being more planet friendly.

    There are generally no air miles involved (unless your gift involves a trip abroad), concerns about how something was manufactured, what it is made of or how it is presented.

    Consumers in the UK use over 227,000 miles of wrapping paper at Christmas according to packing manufacturers, GWP Group, while Friends of the Earth cite research suggesting that paper waste over this period is equivalent to 5 -12 million litres of biofuel – enough to power a bus to go to the moon 20 times over.

    “The days after Christmas can be a dispiriting experience with so much excessive wrapping, packaging and waste; re-thinking the gift experience can avoid that, as will a commitment to resist the last minute silly purchases, often made from plastic and landfill bound,” points out Clare Oxbarrow, Senior Campaigner at Friends of the Earth.

    “Giving an experience instead of more stuff is gaining in popularity: think theatre tickets, cooking courses, or just finding out what the recipient actually needs. I have a colleague who wrote out one of their favourite vegan recipes on lovely stationery and made it into a gift, along with all the ingredients, accompanied with a bottle of wine. It was thoughtful, personal and memorable with no waste.”

    Spa Afternoon Tea

    Future presents

    Of course, there’s no getting away from the fact that young children tend to get very excited about the brightly coloured (generally plastic) toys they see advertised on TV. Watching their faces as they rip open the wrapping is an experience most parents also enjoy. But if that can be balanced with ensuring our children grow up with an understanding that not every worthwhile gift comes encased in plastic and Santa paper, we may be doing them, us and the planet a big future favour.


    Clutter free Christmas gift ideas

    If you’re considering rethinking your list this year, the following could provide some handy inspiration.

    • A natural skincare/beauty product making workshop
    • A course of Pilates or yoga sessions
    • Hotel or local B&B stay
    • A subscription to a cake club (or if you have skills to rival Mary Berry, a card promising one homemade cake a month for however long you think you can keep it up!)
    • Make a donation to a charity providing Christmas cheer for the homeless or elderly in the recipient’s name.
    • A session with an expert relevant to the recipient and their goals for 2020 (providing they are open about these and there’s no potential for offence!) for example a career counsellor, life coach, nutritionist or personal trainer.
    • The cost of an adult education, or online course in a subject someone has an interest in, be that learning Photoshop or life drawing.
    • Day out at a museum, art gallery or local beauty spot, with lunch.
    • If you have particular skills or can do something the recipient would find hard to, an offer of your time with a future project, such as scanning in old photos, making soft furnishings or, as unglitzy as it sounds, even helping with tax returns!
    • Offer of an afternoon of childcare or period of pet sitting.
    • An online newspaper or magazine subscription
    • A wellbeing/beauty treatment or the luxury of a spa day (need we say more!)


    Courtney Carver’s blog can be found at bemorewithless.com and her new book Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge that Proves Less Really is So Much More comes out on March 3rd, 2020.

    The Summit Clinic (thesummitclinic.co.uk) is a London based Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy treatment service.

    With the stresses of everyday life, give people the gift of pampering and a time-out this Christmas. Whether they are in need of some me time, short on time or those looking for quality time together then we have the perfect give for you.

    Give the gift of 'me time'

  • The time has come when we start to plan for the infamous Christmas parties and festivities that December brings. 

    Unfortunately miracles don’t happen overnight and with the skin’s renewal process being a 28 day cycle, now is when we need to start working our magic to make sure we look and feel amazing for the big night out.

    SenSpa offer a range of treatments to leave you feeling party ready and between treatments our boutique offers a selection of products that can help you look after yourself at home too.

    Laura Shackell, our skincare expert at the SenSpa boutique, is here to guide us through the process from our head down to our toes...

    1. Hair and Scalp

    Treatment Recommendations:

    The Ayurvedic Head Massage uses warm organic coconut oil that will strengthen the hair roots and encourage healthy follicle growth and nourish the scalp. Just what you need if you have dry and damaged hair. 

    Home Recommendations:

    A firm staff favourite is our Lava Hair and Scalp Masque. The lava clay hair and scalp mask is ideal for damaged and dry hair and works at its optimum when used at least once a week. We recommend you leaving it on whilst you lay in a bubble bath as it will leave you hair silky smooth, ready for your big night out.

    2. Face

    Treatment Recommendations:

    We have a number of facials dependant on your skin type and your needs for a facial. We recommend our Sen Harmony - Signature Treatment- an anti-oxidant rich spa facial that will fight the signs of ageing and leave your face with a brighter and rejuvenated complexion. Just what you need to wipe away the signs of cold weather. 

    Home Recommendations:

    We know when it comes the mastering the ideal skincare routine, it can take time, a lot of effort and also the know how. Luckily we have condensed our top tips in our guide here.

    3. Body

    Treatment Recommendations:

    Our Chandra Brightening Body Polish is just the thing to renew dried out, flaky skin. By removing dead cells using the purest ground pumice stone and an intensely cleansing combination of hibiscus, ylang ylang and neroli, your skin is nourished and clarified to encourage a natural glow.

    Home Recommendations:

    Exfoliating helps remove all the dead and lifeless skin cells away leaving you feeling fresh and ready. Our Uplifting Skin Renew Body Polish is full of essential oils and deeply nourishing shea butter to leave skin softer and smoother. Do this once to twice a week to tackle ingrown hairs and dry skin. Follow with our Nourishing Moisture Bliss Body Butter to leave your skin feeling irresistibly smooth.

    5. Feet & Hands

    Treatment recommendations: 

    Your hands and feet deserve some TLC too after all the hard work you have put them through this year. Treat yourself to a manicure and/or pedicure to help you feel pampered. Our Geleration Manicure is perfect for long lasting results so they will last over Christmas and New Year too if done at the beginning of December. 

    Home Recommendations:

    Our SenSpa Smooth Finish Hand Cream is used by our therapists and is great for hard-working hands to leave them feeling nurtured and hydrated throughout the day. When it comes to your feet, apply our body butter before bed. Putting socks on not only keeps your feet warm, but you will awake to silky soft feet too! 

    The countdown to the Christmas party season is on. We advise booking in advance so your Christmas sparkle is on point.



  • Are you looking for ideas for stocking fillers? Take a look at our top choices to suit all budgets.

    Under £10

    SenSpa Hair ProductsLava Clay Hair and Scalp Masque £6.95

    Gold Winner at the Beauty Bible Awards, the Lava Clay Masque is an essential part of any hair care routine. Infused with lava clay, Thai basil, coconut oil and Abyssinian oil, your hair will be left deeply nourished, strengthened and silky soft. Ideal for those with dry and damaged hair, the Lava Clay Masque will work miracles and brings dull hair back to life!

    Buy online


    Detox Bath SoakDetox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak £5.95

    This one is for those who love to soak in a bath full of bubbles! The SenSpa Detox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak creates the ultimate detox bubble bath at home. The natural ingredients including organic seaweed and sea salts will set to work drawing out toxins and hydrating skin whilst you lie back and relax.

    Buy online


    SenSpa-Nourishing-ProductsNourishing Moisture Bliss Body Butter £6.95

    Treat someone you love to the SenSpa experience in their own home with the SenSpa body butter. With a blend of essential oils and argan oil which is rich in nutrients, the skin's moisture levels will be rebalanced - a real treat for skin in need of lasting TLC.

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    Under £30

    SenSpa Signature Gift Box