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  • Not all spa days are equal and in my line of work I’ve been lucky enough to review a number over the years. There’s the hen do style affairs for starters where the idea is pampering and giggles accompanied by bubbly and maybe a cream tea. All very lovely and I’ve spent an extremely enjoyable day at SenSpa doing just that when my sister in law chose it for her pre-wedding celebration. But what if you want to take a different approach; perhaps you’ve had a stressful or particularly indulgent time and healthy intentions have fallen by the wayside? Maybe you want a day dedicated to getting back on track; time out to invest in yourself, alone, with a like-minded friend or partner?

    If so SenSpa’s new Vitality Day provides the perfect kick start in the form of a holistic two step approach to wellbeing. In partnership with healthy meal delivery service Spring Green London, the day includes breakfast and a two-course lunch packed with superfoods with the addition of a Detox fruit smoothie. There’s also a choice of one hour treatment with options including an Aromatic Detox massage or Yin Yang Body Wrap.

    The idea of ‘detoxing’ is frankly not one I’m generally a massive fan of; my experiences of colonics and wheatgrass being two cases in point. The Vitality Day experience was a refreshing revelation in that respect.

    Breakfast included cooked options and I plumped for avocado on rye bread with poached egg, chilli and lemon. Filling and delicious. The Detox Smoothie was not as I feared, a lurid green concoction but perfectly palatable, verging on enjoyable for someone who isn’t a smoothie fan.

    Afterwards I wandered off, free to enjoy a relaxation class, use the gym, swim or simply enjoy the chance to unwind minus phone. I also made the most of the impressive hydrotherapy pool, hot tub, steam rooms and sauna before it was time for my treatment. This was the Detox Massage which is based around a light touch to increase lymph flow and I hoped would help improve my cellulite (although the lovely therapist insisted she couldn’t see any). The scalp massage was a particular treat – this is the kind of Detox I’m all up for.

    Lunch was served in the Zen Garden Restaurant where I have eaten previously and only have to inhale the gorgeous aromas of Thai food to start craving Pad Thai or green curry. Whilst that wasn’t on the menu this time, the meals myself and my companion enjoyed were an absolute feast visually and taste wise (with very generous portions too). I had the beetroot burger accompanied by sweet potato fries. My partner went for the salad combo – a bespoke salad where you choose the base, dressing, dip and topping with options including grilled halloumi or in his case, chicken with garlic, ginger and turmeric. It was the most appetising salad I’d seen in a long while. A choice of two healthy desserts followed, a raw chocolate and banana ice cream and a Cacao Chai bowl.

    Far from feeling deprived, it was a timely reminder that healthy food can be satisfying, tasty and leave you feeling nourished as oppose uncomfortably stuffed. Finally, in addition to great memories and a healthier outlook, guests take away SenSpa’s own Detox Bath Salts and Body Scrub to continue the good work at home.

    The Vitality Day starts from £165. Call 01590 624467 to make a booking or

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  • We're ecstatic to announce that SenSpa's spa products have won a whole host of awards at The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017!

    'Best New Skincare Launch' and 'Best Value Serum for our Pure Luxe Serum in Oil

    Pure Luxe Serum In Oil | SenSpa Boutique
    'Best value Highstreet Beauty Brand'
    'Best Value Spa Brand'
    'Best Hand Wash' for our Nourishing Hand Wash

    SenSpa Nourishing Handwash | SenSpa Boutique
    'Editors Choice' - SenSpa Lava Clay Hair & Scalp Masque

    Lava Clay Hair & Scalp Masque | SenSpa Boutique

    Browse our multi-award winning collection online or in-store and take the scents of SenSpa home with you.

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  • Spring has arrived across the UK. The season of new beginnings, transformations and transition, spring gives us a glimpse of what’s ahead in the summer. For us at our spa in hampshire, that means revitalisation for the body and a refresh for the mind.

    Here are our top 5 SenSpa spa treatments for spring rejuvenation:

    1. Sen Vitalising Massage

    One of our signature spa massage treatments, the Sen Vitalising Massage is specifically designed to do exactly that; vitalise. Thorough and deep massage will alleviate you of your body’s aches and pains. Our professional and highly trained therapists use long strokes to ease out stresses, kick-starting your circulation so that each and every part of your body feels brought back to life - an essential for total spring rejuvenation.

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    2. Willow Restore & Renew Facial

    The winter’s chills undoubtedly had an effect on your skin and face, and now’s the time to counteract it. The Willow Restore & Renew Facial treatment quenches the thirst of your skin, re-arming it with antioxidants. We’ll use the number 1 anti-aging ingredient Barbary fig, and in doing so, your skin will regain its sunny radiance and complexion, perfect for entering the spring season.

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    3. Chandra Brightneing Body Scrub

    Available for half an hour or a whole hour, the Chandra Brightening Body Scrub removes any dead or flaky skin that has dried out over the previous cold months. Using SenSpa’s special signature formula, our masseuses will soothe your body’s skin leaving it with a vibrant glow that only our formula can achieve.

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    4. Ayurvedic Head Massage

    Clear your mind in preparation to take on the rest of the year. The 45 minute Ayurvedic head massage encourages total mental relaxation which subsequently contributes to restful sleeping and stress release. The Ayurvedic massage treatment will get you looking forward, ready to jump back into the action.

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    5. Moksa Beautifying Body Wrap

    One of the most popular treatments at our luxury spa in Hampshire, the Saboo Deep Cleanse combines Swedish massage with Rhassoul mud to overwhelm your body with total nourishment. The epitome of pampering, the Saboo treatment is a complete detox for your body, leaving it uplifted ready to crack on with the spring.

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    If these spa treatments have got you desperate for a slice of luxury, or if you are seeking a total revitalisation over spring, explore our latest spa day or spa break offers at SenSpa.

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  • After months of darkness, cold temperatures and lack of exposure to the sun, your skin may be feeling a little neglected. Fortunately the SenSpa Natural Body Therapy collection has all the ingredients to rejuvenate your skin starting with the feet all the way up to the hairs on your head. With three different signature scents and a variety of products it can be hard to figure out where and what to start with, this is where SenSpa Therapist Lucie Evemy comes in.

    Lucie has recommended her top 5 SenSpa luxury skincare products for spring to get the glow back into your skin.

    1. SenSpa Nourishing Body Butter

    "Some spend so much time outdoors in the spring time prepping their gardens for the summer months which can be very harsh on the skin. It’s important to take good care of your skin and with the powers of Aragon Oil to nourish and to relieve any pain from gardening; this is a luxury spa product I highly recommend for the knees, elbows and even hands."

    2. SenSpa Thai Rituals Skin Renewal Body Polish

    "Using a body scrub on a weekly basis will remove any dead skin cells and will help you prep ready for your beautiful summer tan. The NEW Thai Rituals Skin Renewal Body Polish will not only achieve this yet it also smells incredible and is perfectly paired with one of the SenSpa Body Butters."

    3. SenSpa Signature Essential Oil

    "The SenSpa Essential Oil is a very uplifting blend with an exotic mix of 100% pure certified organic essential oils of Lime, May Chang, Orange, Bergamot (Bergapten Free), Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium, Palmarosa, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang. This oil will help dust off the winter cob webs and get you into the mood for spring and summer. It’s such a versatile product as it can be used in an oil burner, in the bath or you can even add it to your own base oil to create your very own body moisturiser."

    4. SenSpa ‘Clear The Mind’ Body Wash

    "I highly recommend this luxury spa product for your early morning shower as the scents of peppermint, lemon peel and camphor will set you up for the day. I couldn’t be without it in the mornings now as it really does help me wake up!"

    5. SenSpa 'Pure Luxe Serum in Oil'

    "This award-winning product is absolutely perfect for rejuvenating your skin's healthy glow. When a change in seasons or lifestyle has caused skin to become dull and lacklustre, the Pure Luxe Serum in Oil helps to restore skin suppleness and fight the first signs of ageing. This product has recently been awarded 'Best Value Serum' at this year's Beauty Shortlist Awards and in fact, the entire skincare collection received the 'Best New Skincare Brand 2016/17' accolade too!"

    To purchase any of the luxury spa products recommend by Lucie visit the SenSpa Boutique

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  • Detoxing is a great way to rid your body of toxins and remove impurities from essential organs in the body. January is often a popular month for a kick-start to the year ahead, so why not indulge in a detox spa break to get things going. Plus, a detox spa break is currently on offer at our Thai spa in Hampshire!

    Boost your immune system, ease tired muscles and relax your mind with access to a variety of facilities at SenSpa. Learn how to get the most out of your detox spa break by following the guide below:

    1. Get a good nights sleep

    Rest well in a king’s bed every night throughout the course of your detox spa break to wake feeling fresh the next day. Sleep helps your body to restore energy and this is transmitted to the essential cleansing organs.

    2. Drink lemon water in the morning

    Squeeze half a lemon into room temperature water as soon as you wake. Lemons are packed with immunity boosters like vitamin C, pectin fibre and potassium, which curbs hunger cravings, speeds the body’s enzyme function and stimulates the liver to flush out toxins.

    3. Eat wisely

    The SenSpa detox spa break includes a healthy breakfast from our Zen garden Thai restaurant. Choose fresh fruit like grapefruit as the fibre and nutrients give a great detox as it encourages the liver to burn fat.

    4. Use the hydrotherapy pool and sauna

    The large hydrotherapy pool contains underwater benches with bubble jets to increase circulation, improve joint mobility and relax muscles. Use the experience showers and practice taking a hot shower for 5 minutes and then follow with cold water for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times to invigorate the skin. Finally, enjoy the herbal sauna to open pores and cleanse the skin by sweating toxins out of the body.

    5. Have a detoxifying treatment

    A free 1-hour treatment is included in the detox spa break. The Yin Yang Detox Algae Body Scrub is a popular treatment due to the nutrient rich algae wrap to detoxify and nourish the skin.

    Start the New Year with a detox spa break or detox spa day and reap the benefits for months to come. To book this special offer, please call us on 01590 624467 or 

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  • Brockenhurst is a picturesque village in the heart of the New Forest where animals roam freely and the air is clean; a perfect location for our beautiful SenSpa.

    January is the perfect month to detox and make time for wellness activities after the hectic Christmas period and a short break at Careys Manor and luxury spa day at SenSpa is the best way to start! Enjoy day activities near Brockenhurst, New Forest and relax at our Thai spa in the evening.

    Discover our top 4 things to do in January:

    1. Explore The New Forest On Horseback

    There are over 30,000 ponies roaming across the New Forest and horse riding is one of the finest ways to discover its beautiful landscapes and see the wild horses. A soothing hack is a great way to get outdoors and take in the clean air and natural beauty of the rolling heathlands and magical woodland. There are a variety of stables suitable for beginners up to experienced riders but either way, you’ll look forward to soothing those muscles in our luxury spa afterwards!

    2. Guided Cycle Ride In The New Forest

    The New Forest National Park Authority Rangers will escort you on a fun bike ride around the fantastic landscape. Travel along quiet roads and cycle paths to see the best bits of the forest whilst getting fit and active at the same time!

    3. Winter Detox Spa Day

    Take advantage of a short break with us by booking a spa day at our beautiful Thai spa in the New Forest. Treat yourself to a full body detox with full access to the spa facilities and a 1-hour treatment of your choice, such as the Aromatic Detox Massage to drain toxins and excess water from the body.

    4. Guided New Forest Walk

    Enjoy a 4 mile guided walk packed full of information on the wildlife and history of the Beaulieu River. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the New Forest whilst invigorating your body with exercise and fresh air.

    SenSpa recommends these events as part of your wellness or detox retreat in January. To find out more about our luxury spa in the New Forest, please call us on 01590 624467 or 

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  • We know that it can be hard to unwind when the clock’s spinning. When life’s hectic and everything is happening at once, it’s important to stop and recharge your mental, spiritual and physical batteries. When you’re short of time it can feel like you have a slim chance to do this which is why SenSpa has put together a selection of half day spa experiences.

    Our half day luxury spa experiences are for those who don’t quite have the time to take an extended luxury spa break, or even a full spa day. Simply pause time and ease the stresses with a selection of shorter packages for you to choose from.

    Afternoon Delight

    Finished work early? Fit in some Afternoon Delight before the day is up. Our Afternoon Delight package combines our luxury spa facilities with the sparkling indulgence of champagne for afternoon tea. This half-day spa experience is available from 2pm - 6pm.


    Mum’s Spa Escape

    The hardest job in the world requires rest. Our Mum's Spa Escape coincides with the school day; between 10am and 3pm. Drop the kids off and retreat to the New Forest where our serene spa facilities are waiting to absorb your stresses.


    Half Day Harmony

    Our Half Day Harmony package lets you escape to the other side of the world with our Eastern inspired spa massage treatments. From 9am - 3pm or 3pm - 9pm, let our professional masseuses indulge you in an Essential Relaxation Massage before a Rhassoul mud treatment.


    Evening Indulgence

    Make the most of your evenings - our Evening Indulgence packages are available from 5pm. Allow yourself to be enticed by a 3 course dinner and a glass of wine, between full access to the spa facilities until 9pm. Perfect to enjoy after the hustle and bustle of a busy workday.


    Our half-day spa experience packages fit into the modern and busy lifestyle many of us lead, without compromising the luxuries of our full spa days or spa breaks. With full access to our first-class facilities, pools and showers you’re guaranteed to leave replenished to take on life’s day-to-day challenges again.


  • Hand creams and lotions can cost an arm and a leg but we can show you how to make your own for FREE! All you need to do is pop to your kitchen, grab your Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some disposable gloves and you are ready to go.


    1. Pour 1 tablespoon of oil onto your hands and massage, don’t forget the cuticles, the oil will do miracles for your nails too!
    2. Put on your gloves and keep on for half an hour, (feel free to leave the gloves on for longer if your hands are especially dry).
    3. After half an hour remove the gloves and then pat dry with a paper towel. Your hands will still feel oily so massage the remaining oil into the hands and cuticles.

    For an extra boost for especially dry skin you can do this treatment overnight, just apply the oil and gloves before bed and leave on whilst you sleep. Your hands and cuticles will feel and look noticeably smoother and moisturised.

    Not only is this a fantastically cheap alternative to the moisturisers you find on your high street, this treatment gives you the perfect excuse to take a break during a busy day, or to have a quiet night in to relax and catch up on some well needed TLC.

    At SenSpa there is a fabulous 20 minute mini spa treatment Essential Hand Therapy which includes a scrub, mask and a massage. The perfect express treatment in a luxury spa day for neglected hands in need of some attention.

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  • Used for over 1,400 years for natural beauty treatments in Rome and Egypt, find out what Rhassoul mud can do for your skin.

    Rhassoul Mud

    Rhassoul mud comes in a clay form and is found in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This mud has been used for over 1,400 years for natural beauty treatments in Rome and Egypt.  Rhassoul mud is now used all over the world.

    Rhassoul comes from the Arabic word meaning “washing”. Rhassoul mud contains no petrochemical derivatives, no synthetic preservatives and no artificial colourings. Rhassoul Mud is 100% natural.


    This mud is difficult to extract as it lies underneath the ground and has done for millions of years. When Rhassoul Mud is first mined it comes out brown and soap like. Up to 12 tonnes of clay is extracted per day. Once extracted the clay is then washed in mountain river water, aerated and sieved to remove any matter.

    The Clay is then poured on the ground to be dried for 24 hours using natural sunlight and pure desert breeze within the Sahara desert.  This is then refined for a last time enabling it to become finer and softer and useable within the beauty industry.

    What are the benefits of Rhassoul Mud?

    • Rich in trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium
    • Reduces dryness and flakiness of the skin
    • Helps improve skin clarity and elasticity
    • Reduces surface oil on the skin
    • Tightens and refines the pores
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Detoxifies and exfoliates leaving the skin feel soft and smooth

    How it can be used?

    Rhassoul mud can be used as a facial, body or scalp and hair mask.

    Rhassoul mud can be used within a steam chamber. The steam chamber stimulates the blood supply around the body, relaxing the muscles and opening the pores, enabling the mud to deeply cleanse and soften the skin.

    Rhassoul Mud is also combined within spa treatments around the world and used as an exfoliation, mud massage and to moisturise.

    Why not try out our luxurious Rhassoul Mud treatment at SenSpa?

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  • Not only is it delicious and refreshing, antioxidant Lemongrass keeps your skin healthy, boosts your immune system , combats fatigue and more.Try this recipe from the Zen Garden Restaurant at SenSpa.


    • 10 mint leaves
    • Juice of one lime
    • 100ml traditional lemonade
    • 2 sticks of lemongrass


    1. Infuse the lemongrass with 100ml of boiling water leave until cool and strain.
    2. Add the lime juice, the water infused with lemongrass, the traditional lemonade and the mint leaves and blend for 10 seconds.
    3. Serve over Ice


    If you prefer it a little sweeter you can add a tea spoon of sugar.

    Visit the Zen Garden Thai Restaurant for some of the best Thai food in Hampshire. Located in Brockenhurst, we are just 10 miles from Southampton and 18 miles from Bournemouth. 

    If you love Thai food, The Zen Garden Thai Restaurant in the New Forest is a must!


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