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SKN-RG® Wave Facial

90 Minutes | From £115

The SKN-RG wave facial is a unique tri-system that works beyond the layers of the skin.

SKN-RG® SPA Wave uses sonic sound waves that travel though the body to increase vitality at a cellular level, balancing areas out of kilter, rejuvenation, calming and de-stressing, creating an immersive treatment that can significantly reduce the ageing effect of Telomeres. Telomeres are present in our DNA and act as the ageing clock in every cell, by calming the body the ageing process can be slowed. SKN-RG’s unique cutting edge treatment is completely non-invasive increasing and enhancing chi otherwise known as life force, giving you the ultimate whole body experience.

Your expert therapist will advise you of the three-step process: SKN-RG® Sound, SKN-RG® Crystals and SKN-RG® Frequency. You will be enveloped in meditative mantra which calms the mind, body and spirit.

The treatment starts by placing the three powerful chakra crystals and using the tuning forks on the body to balance and bring equilibrium. When the tuning forks are placed you will hear them activated and feel a gentle vibration.

A pre-cleanse of the face and neck, cleanse and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, leaving the pores fresh, open and accessible to nutrients. A mask is applied which can penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin. Whilst the mask is on, tuning forks are used on the body again before using them on different acupressure points on the face, maximising anti-ageing benefits. A SKN-RG® facial massage follows using specialist deep massage techniques to really lift and tone the muscles before a crystal massage using semi-precious rose or clear quartz crystals, promoting healthy glowing skin. To finish, a toner, skin treatment, eye cream, moisturiser and lip balm are applied before performing a closing ritual of the tuning forks on the body. Specific music coinciding with the frequencies of the tuning forks calms the spirit, creating a truly unique treatment and provides incredible results to your skin.

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Not suitable for

  • Those with pacemakers 
  • Contagious skin infections of the head, face and neck
  • Eye infections
  • Severe acne
  • Rosacea
  • Hypersensitive skin

The SKN-RG wave facial is available using either the Organics or Advanced SKN-RG product ranges.

Organics is suitable for dry, dehydrated, mature, sensitive and reactive skins. Comfrey increases cell regeneration and encourages the growth and repair of cells, whilst burdock root, chamomile and calendula soothe, calm and reduce inflammation.

Advanced is suitable for mature, oily, combination, hormonal breakouts and those concerned about ageing. Acai, argan and apple stem cells increase the production of collagen and elastin, enhancing a youthful appearance whilst cucumber refines the pores.

Please confirm upon booking which product range best suits your needs.

Terms & Conditions: A supplement of £5 applies on Saturdays.

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