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5 Tips to Boost Your Energy Levels

5 Tips to Boost Your Energy Levels

There comes a point, usually around 3pm when our energy levels can feel a little low. Our bodies are working hard to digest lunch and we haven’t had caffeine since the morning. With grey skies and the odd drizzle masking the arrival of spring, it can be easy to fall into a rut. But, there are many different ways to keep yourself energised or wake yourself up when you’re feeling low. Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Laughter!

Laughter is simply the best medicine, for everything! It cheers you up, it releases endorphins and you always feel much more energetic and motivated after a ‘good old laugh’ with a friend or colleague. Take 5 minutes to have a chat, or seek out some funny videos on social media for a refreshing break.

2. Stretch

Take a moment to stand up and give your body a big stretch. Start with your arms, reach up high and take in a deep breath and exhale as you slowly drop your arms down. Give your back a stretch, again breathing slowly and deeply and you’ll feel as if you’ve grown taller afterwards. Stretching will release any stiffness in your body, improve circulation and strength and helps to calm stress.

3. Exercise

Exercise is an amazing energy booster. Start your morning with a 30-45 minute workout whether it’s a walk, yoga or, if you're a member at SenSpa, sign up to one of our fitness classes! Exercise can have a prolonged effect on your energy levels. It’s a very sustainable source of energy because it releases it slowly across a longer period of time.

4. Eat Well

Snack on foods such as bananas and nuts throughout the day to keep your body and brain energised. Bananas have high potassium levels supplying energy to the brain as well as magnesium, which improves focus. Nuts are full of protein, which releases energy slowly, meaning you’ll feel better for longer. They also store energy in the body and help lower LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol).

5. Rest

Taking time to rest and recuperate is good for you; don’t ever feel guilty for taking time out. It’s unhealthy to soldier on without that vital “me time”. Plan in some time for yourself with a luxury spa day or break at our Thai spa in Hampshire. We won’t judge you if you fall asleep in our relaxation room, it happens rather often among our guests, we also won’t judge you for eating lunch in your SenSpa robe, why shouldn’t you? You’re ‘resting’.

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