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Mindful Bathing For a Restful Night's Sleep

Mindful Bathing For a Restful Night's Sleep

Is there anything more relaxing than a warm bath after a hard day? You can make your bath even more relaxing by trying out some simple mindfulness techniques.

Warning: don’t meditate in the bath if you’re feeling drowsy (safety first).

What you'll need:

  1. SenSpa Relaxing Bath Soak (or another bath soak of your choice)
  2. SenSpa Relaxing Body Cream (or another body lotion of your choice)

When bathing before bed make sure your bath is at body temperature or just a little above. Too hot and it will be too stimulating. Just right and you will sleep soundly.

Pour the bath soak under warm running water, swirl around the bath and take in the calming aroma. 

Feel the sensation of the water on your skin as you step into the bath, feel the temperature and the silkiness of the water.

Hear the sounds the water makes as you enter. Observe the ripples in the water as you slowly immerse yourself in the warmth. Take time to feel the texture of your skin and how it varies on different parts of your body.  Inhale the fragrance of the bath milk as it delicately scents your skin. Keep gently focusing on the sensations of bathing and if other thoughts enter, simply witness them and return your attention to the sensations of bathing.

You will have just completed a mindfulness meditation.

After showering or bathing, apply the body cream liberally all over your skin until absorbed.

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