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Supercharge Your Health: 4 Key Principles for 2024

Supercharge Your Health: 4 Key Principles for 2024

Blog post by Lucia Glover, Registered Nutritional Therapist and BANT Practitioner, Founder at Lucia Glover Nutrition


Supercharge your health - new year new you!

With the theme of the new year, you're probably looking for ways to kickstart the year on a healthy note, especially after the festive period. As a devoted nutritional therapist, I am here to guide you on a transformative journey toward helping you get your glow back! In this blog, we’ll explore practical tips to strengthen your immune system, improve your vitality, and ignite a renewed commitment to your well-being. 

1. Take advantage of the power of plants

Aim for a daily rainbow of 5 vegetables and two fruits in your diet.

A rich variety of colourful vegetables and fruits are a powerhouse of essential phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fibre that significantly contribute to overall health. Beyond merely fuelling your body, these plant compounds actively reduce the risk of chronic diseases and support weight management.

What’s more, different fruits and vegetables provide an array of fibres and prebiotics that promote a balanced and thriving microbiome. This not only energises your gut microbes to help break down foods but also regulates stools and alleviates symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

2. Master caffeine moderation for quality sleep

When it comes to enjoying coffee, making moderation a priority is key to both the quality of your sleep and maintaining a balanced nervous system. Since we all react differently to caffeine, with some of us not metabolising it well, being mindful of its potential effects on your body is crucial. Notably, caffeine has been shown to elevate cortisol (stress) levels, particularly in those at rest or experiencing mental stress, subsequently dysregulating blood sugar levels.

My recommendation is to enjoy up to 2-3 coffees a day, ideally after a meal and before 1.00 pm. This will minimise any potential for jitters and disruption to sleep. Thereafter, explore caffeine-free coffee alternatives like Swiss water decaf coffee and herbal teas for a tranquil night without compromising your sleep and better-managing stress levels.

3. Prioritise hydration

Hydration, the ultimate vitality elixir, goes beyond revitalisation. Staying adequately hydrated throughout the day facilitates the transportation of essential nutrients to cells, promotes hormonal balance, and contributes to radiant skin health. It also supports detoxification, aids weight management, ensures sustained energy, and enhances our cognitive function.

Make a conscious effort to consume 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily, keeping a water bottle in sight at all times as a reminder to prioritise your hydration.

4. Boost your immunity with Vitamin D

Discover the key to a stronger immune system in the colder, darker months —Vitamin D. Low Vitamin D levels are a major factor in weakened immunity and can lead to issues like high blood pressure, blood sugar irregularities, increased susceptibility to infections, autoimmune challenges, daytime fatigue, and even the winter blues.

It's crucial to monitor and maintain your vitamin D levels, and this is something you can easily take control of. Consult your GP or nutritionist for a simple test to gauge your vitamin D levels; according to NHS recommendations, supplementing with 10µg / 400 IU per day from October to April can make a significant difference. For those with exceptionally low levels, your health professional may ask you to consider a vitamin D shot for a powerful boost.


Whether you’ve set yourself health resolutions for 2024 or are already on your health journey, remember to always keep in mind that your wellbeing is the foundation for everything in your life. Embrace these principles and you’ll set yourself on a path of resilience and vitality. Believe in yourself - you've got this!


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  Lucia Glover

  Registered Nutritional Therapist and BANT practitioner

  Founder at Lucia Glover Nutrition  |  +44 (0)7749 311 616  @luciaglovernutrition

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