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A Guide To The Perfect Bath

A Guide To The Perfect Bath

There’s nothing quite like a blissful bath after a long day in the office or running the home. It seems what can be so unkind to our water bill, can be so kind in other ways.

A warm bath can be very beneficial to your mind, body and soul, much like a well-deserved spa day and as we enter the season of renewal, we’d like to offer some helpful tips in experiencing the world’s best bath.

The Benefits of Bath Time

To de-stress or to soothe, a bath can not only relax your mind and body but can also lower blood sugar levels, relieve pain from joints and muscles and keep your bowels working normally. With a warm bath comes the hope of a little steam, this will unblock your pores and cause sweat to detox those unwanted toxins, so if you’re feeling under the weather – it’s bath time!


When it comes to the temperature of your bath, it's about how warm you want it, and how warm you should have it. Experts say a bath should be no warmer than between 32-35°C as any hotter could cause dizziness and potentially even physical damage to your skin.


There are many factors as to why you shouldn’t spend too long in the bath and one is overheating. When in hot water (and we mean hot, hot!) the skin cannot release heat sufficiently which can cause the body to overheat. Another risk is drying out your skin. This is why the after-bath routine is just as important. An effective, safe bath should never last longer than 20 minutes.

Recommended Products

We believe in the old theory that less is more. Baths are not to be overdone however creating a relaxing atmosphere and using the right products will certainly ensure you have the tranquil experience you are after.

Step 1 – Relaxing Bath Soak

Add a few drops of the Relaxing Bath Soak for an uplifting and cleansing experience. The organic lavender will create the soothing atmosphere you desire and enhance sleep quality and help ease any anxiety. As you slip into a deep feeling of contented relaxation, allow the geranium in this product to moisturise purify and soothe your skin.

Step 2 – Nourish

Envelop your skin with pampering ylang ylang extract and argan oil extract to cleanse and moisturise with SenSpa Nourishing Body Wash, the hibiscus extract from the Hibiscus flower that has anti-oxidant properties and inhibits elastin degradation.

Step 3 – The finishing touches

Step out of the bath and wrap your warm body in a soft clean towel. Dry your body by dabbing the towel gently over your skin and moisturise to keep the skin hydrated. Once dry apply Relaxing Talc Free Body Powder liberally to the skin to absorb any unwanted moisture and leave the skin feeling luxuriously smooth. Finish with our Relaxing Body Cream which contains a variety of plant extracts and essential oils including relaxing lavender, nutrient rich starflower and soothing jasmine. The perfect aftercare solution for continued easing of muscles and mind.

Then put on your favourite PJ’s and slippers to enjoy the rest of your evening feeling completely calm, warm and content. 

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