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How Can Mindfulness Influence Your Skin's Appearance?

How Can Mindfulness Influence Your Skin's Appearance?

If you want to fend off fine lines and wrinkles and achieve a healthier skin appearance, focusing more on your state of mind is the key to long-term skin success. If you're someone who is conscious of aging skin and tired of feeling like your skincare is a never-ending cycle of trial and error, maybe it's time to do something different.


Holistic practices such as mindfulness have increased in popularity over the last few years as people look for small, easy lifestyle habits they can practice daily to improve their overall well-being and reduce stress. But, did you know that mindfulness isn’t just an impactful practice for stress management it can also massively influence your skin’s appearance. Although influenced by a variety of factors, mindset is one factor you want to pay particular attention to. 



What is Skin Mindfulness?

The skin is constantly communicating with us and Skin Mindfulness is a practice which simply encourages you to pay closer attention to your skin and what it is saying.

How does mindfulness help you achieve long-term skin success? 

Becoming more aware of your daily habits, focus on self-care rather than skincare, and diverting your energy away from negativity and external pressures can help address the 90% of skin concerns which are triggered from within. 

Having the right mindset will set you up for long-term skin success and support skin-mindful practices. Scientists have proven there is a strong connection between the mind and skin with the study of 'Psychodermatology'. Holistic skincare is about improving quality of life by healing the skin condition and enhancing the emotional state. When you are able to heal from the inside out, long-term skin success is a path anyone can walk.

What is 'Microwave Mindset' and how does it affect skin success?

'Microwave Mindset' is wanting success and reward with little effort. Which is available in many aspects of our life, and there is nothing wrong with it until we don't achieve it.  

When you find yourself in this fixed mindset, you are highly likely to fail at achieving your skin goals in the long term because a fixed mindset is often self-destructive, negative, and judgmental. These traits will often lead you down the path of product hopping, skipping rituals and dismissing the benefits of staying consistent. Our human brains are wired for survival, which means our minds are looking for quick rewards to drive motivation. Unfortunately, long-term skin success does not fit into the 'quick win' box.

The factors that influence your skin's success are all part of your lifestyle, not your product choices, treatment desires, or invasive procedures. The ideal mindset for long-term skin success is a growth mindset. This mindset is what will set you up for long-term skin success.

How can I practice Skin Mindfulness?

The key to skin success is to create lifestyle cues that make a skin habit easy. A shower is already a consistent habit, which will make a perfect cue for a skin mindfulness practice. Using SenSpa's aromatic natural body products you can easily create a mindful environment. Whether your need is for an energising or relaxing experience, you are in control to reset your mindset. Take time over thinking about the temperature of the water, how the water sounds as it falls, the smell of the products and its texture and how your skins feels as the products are massaged in. 

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