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Moving Towards A More Sustainable Future at SenSpa

Moving Towards A More Sustainable Future at SenSpa

In a time when it has never been more important to protect our environment, small changes can make a huge difference to our planet.

Wherever possible, SenSpa is making a conscious effort to reduce waste, recycle and support other brands doing the same. Here are just some of the ways that we are striving to be a more environmentally conscious spa, which may also help inspire your own quest for greener habits.


 Towels at SenSpa spa

Making Small Changes

With tremendous amounts of water used in our facilities to run the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy pool, as well as washing towels and bathrobes, it can be difficult for a spa to reduce wastage, but there is always a way.

We decided to move our towels from the changing rooms to spa reception and since implementing this initiative, towel usage has considerably dropped with an estimated 30% reduction in chemical and energy usage!

We also recognise that although a pair of fluffy slippers is often a lovely touch when visiting a hotel or spa, thousands of pairs end up in landfill every year. We now kindly ask that you bring your own non-slip pool shoes when visiting, to help minimise the amount of single-use items that are destroying our natural environment. If you do forget to bring them on your next New Forest spa weekend, don’t worry! Guests can purchase pool shoes at the spa boutique.

You may have also noticed that whilst our robes are beautifully soft, they are also lightweight and in a waffle design - we have purposefully chosen waffle robes at Careys Manor & SenSpa as they are water and energy efficient.


 SenSpa product range natural ingredients

Natural Products

SenSpa is proud to offer our own range of award winning spa products, formulated based on guidelines aligned with sustainability and naturally derived ingredients. The result is an at-home spa experience using 97% natural ingredients and complex 100% essential oil fragrances. Our products are made in the UK, are not tested on animals and are free from animal ingredients, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Mineral Oil.

Plus, all SenSpa packaging is made with 30% recycled materials.


 Eminence product range natural setting

Forests of The Future

SenSpa offers a range of treatments and skincare products by Hungarian brand Eminence. Eminence have planted over 24 million trees (equivalent to more than 17,708 football fields of trees) through their 'Forests of the Future' program, creating opportunities for farmers to plant themselves out of hunger and poverty. Eminence have also reduced the amount of plastic packaging by using only reused or recycled packing boxes and 100% biodegradable and dissolvable packaging chips.


 SenSpa elephant on shelf

Saving the Asian Elephant

Being a Thai spa, Asian traditions are extremely important to us at SenSpa. The Asian elephant is the sacred national emblem of Thailand, but with only two born for every ten that die, it is under serious extinction. For this reason, we are official sponsors of the Elephant Conservation Center charity in Laos. One way in which we support is by donating £1 from each sale of our Hand Carved Soap Stone Elephant to the charity, which will help fund breeding programmes, education and health services at the elephant hospital. 

SenSpa director Lina Lotto says:

“Elephants in Thailand have always been seen a symbol of power, peace, stability, strength and wisdom, and the notion that elephants bring good luck has a long history in Asia. Thai traditions inform our spa, and as such, their heritage is extremely important to us and we are keen to help secure the future of these wonderful animals."


 Mud for mud wrap treatment at SenSpa

Eco-conscious Treatments

Not only do we use our own natural products in our treatment offerings, but we also opt for more sustainable alternatives to other treatment essentials where possible. If, for example, you indulge yourself in a rejuvenating body mud wrap, you'll be pleased to know the wrap we use is compostable.


Protecting Our Natural Environment

Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa, alongside our sister hotels the Montagu Arms, Beaulieu, and The Imperial Hotel, Llandundo North Wales, is committed to reducing pollution and waste. As well as our efforts at SenSpa, other positive action includes:

  • Powering our hotels using hydroelectric energy
  • Making our own aqueous ozone on site, for cleaning and disinfection. It is 99.9% effective against bacteria and virus, and is completely harmless for human and aquatic life
  • Having two large on site beehives to pollinate plants and produce honey
  • Partnering with the Noble Bee Company, who have hives on the Beaulieu river
  • Growing our own vegetables and herbs as much as possible and sourcing from local suppliers
  • Offering electric charging points for cars


Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa is part of Greenclose Hotels Ltd and our group ensures that our employees, environment and local community are supported and cared for. Curious to know more?

Read our corporate social responsibility strategy


Looking to make more conscious choices?

Shop our natural & more sustainable body care




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