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Health Before Beauty

Health Before Beauty

By Wellness Expert and SenSpa Director, Lina Lotto

Health and beauty have been of interest to me for a very long time and I believe that true beauty is derived from our state of health, meaning the condition of our body, mind/emotions and spirit.

Just as the body uses the self-balancing principle of homeostasis to achieve equilibrium, so we are asked to recognise and balance all aspects of our being to fully live and to radiate health and beauty. What we suppress or don’t acknowledge tends to come back and bite us.

There are reams of papers, books and good advice that address every aspect of health but put simply these are the basics as I see them.

Optimum Nutrition

This underpins all and we need to take care of what and when we eat in order to function well on every level. The products we use on our body is important too – our skin absorbs the good and the bad.

Movement and Relaxation

Doing anything regularly that gets you moving, relaxes and that you enjoy.

Friends, Family, Community

Someone to share with and talk to supports mental and emotional wellbeing.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Contemplation

Spending time to ourselves occasionally away from demands and pressures. Creative endeavour nourishes the soul.

Gratitude and Giving

This is a natural anti-depressant.

One of the things I have been passionate about for much of my life is also one of SenSpa’s founding principles, that is to minimise the use of synthetic ingredients I put on my body and use around the house.

It’s the reason we at SenSpa choose partners whose products are naturally derived and why we formulate our own natural products with no harmful chemicals.

It is important to minimise potentially harmful ingredients as they are linked with all sorts of side effects and can accumulate over time.

Some common ingredients to look out for are phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, triethanolamine, diethanolamine, PEGs, Sulfates, EDTA, aluminium.

We were over the moon to win Free From Skincare Awards – 'Best Leave On' product and 'Best Overall Awards Winner' with our Talc Free Body Powder. The term ‘free from’ suggests different things to different people. The Free From Awards covers a range of ingredients consumers wish to avoid for a myriad of personal reasons, ethical or health concerns. Our Talc Free Body Powder’s elegant and simple formulation uses corn starch, magnesium carbonate and essential oils, so it is safe for most people.

If we can incorporate some of the principles outlined above whenever possible, we support our own health and give our natural beauty an opportunity to shimmer and shine.

SenSpa's Relaxing Talc Free Body Powder is available exclusively at the SenSpa Boutique.

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