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Sen Sound Sessions: Summer Editions

Sen Sound Sessions: Summer Editions

Summer is here, and it’s time to indulge in some wellness!

If you’re looking for new ways to unwind and connect deeper with yourself, you’re in luck – our Sen Sound Sessions are running throughout summer, with the next sessions in May, June and July now open for booking.

These themed hydrotherapy sessions are the perfect way to complement your wellness journey at our award-winning spa hotel in Hampshire. Whether you’re a believer in the benefits or hydrotherapy or are keen to try some aquatic bodywork for the first time, these wellness workshops near Lymington will help you rejuvenate, restore and refresh your mind, body and spirit this summer.


Tune Into Your Emotions With The Flower Moon

First in the summer series of Sen Sound Sessions is the Flower Moon event on Tuesday 28th May, which is all about tuning into your emotions. This session invites you to channel the beauty of rebirth, allowing you to shed the things in life that may be stunting your growth and open up space for your spirit to awaken as we soft launch into summer.



Unlock New Potential With The Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Moon Sen Sound Session on 25th June helps to unlock new potential with a musical hydrotherapy experience fully tailored to allow dynamic, spontaneous movements that allow your body to naturally unwind and re-align. Expect to leave feeling more in touch with your emotions and ready to reach your full potential.



Flourish & Thrive With The Buck Moon

Finally, on Tuesday 30th July we have the Buck Moon Sen Sound Session, which again offers a unique blend of aquatic bodywork and mindfulness with music. Perfect for those seeking an immersive, restorative experience, this session is all about flourishing and thriving; surrendering to the water and letting go of tension. Your host, Helena Eflerova, will guide you through gentle movements and stretches, combined with deep breathing techniques, which work in harmony with the buoyancy of the water and the calming music of our other host, Joel Cahen. This fusion of mindful movement and hydrotherapy is a powerful way to awaken your senses, promoting relaxation and peace to refresh your mind.


So, if you're looking for inspiring spa workshops in Brockenhurst and the surrounding areas and are interested in exploring the benefits of hydrotherapy in Hampshire, our summer events at SenSpa have got you covered. These wellbeing sessions are perfect for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in gentle, restorative activities that focus on holistic health.

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