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Summer Hair Care With SenSpa's Natural Haircare Range - Nourishing

Summer Hair Care With SenSpa's Natural Haircare Range - Nourishing
During the summer, we are reminded of the importance of protecting our skin from harmful UV rays with regular SPF application. However, it is easy to forget that hair care is crucial too. In the summer, our hair is exposed to two main concerns: sun damage and dryness.
The sun's rays can damage our hair, leading to dryness, brittleness, and even colour fading. It is essential to shield our hair from these harmful UV rays by using protective hair products or hair covers such as hats and scarves.
Moreover, the summer heat can cause our hair to dry and lack moisture, resulting in frizziness, split ends, and overall dullness. To prevent this, it is essential to incorporate hair care products that nourish and hydrate our hair, this is where Hampshire spa, SenSpa's natural Nourishing Hair Care range comes in.

SenSpa's Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner is made with a combination of Shea Butter, essential oils and Argan Oil. The specialist Argan Oil has the ability to deeply penetrate the hair to help restore and nourish hair leaving it feeling revitalised, cleansed and soft. 


The Deeply Nourishing Hair & Scalp mask uses lava clay, Thai basil, coconut oil and the miraculous Abyssinian oil for hair. The lava clay hair and scalp mask is ideal for damaged and dry hair and works at its optimum when used at least once a week. 


How do you apply the natural hair care products? 



Don't let the season's harsh elements ruin your hair; invest in the right hair care products and enjoy healthy and vibrant hair throughout the summer.

Shop all natural hair products here and say goodbye to summer hair woes and hello to gorgeous, nourished hair!

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