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3 Easy Mini Mindfulness Exercises for Mental Health Week

3 Easy Mini Mindfulness Exercises for Mental Health Week

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week this week, wellness expert and Spa Director, Lina Lotto, shares her helpful mindfulness tips for a calmer, happier you. 

In line with this year's theme; 'Movement: Moving more for our mental health', Lina focuses on simple exercises you can do daily to help you achieve a level of mindfulness to get through the day with less stress. 

Focusing on Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that enables our minds to relax, yet feel alert. In a world filled with noise, more and more of us are focusing on the way in which we de-stress and reconnect with what's truly important around us. 

This might be as simple as paying more attention to nature, switching off our phones for an hour to just 'be' in the moment without doom scrolling, or listening to our bodies when they tell us they need a break or a good stretch. 

Below are three tips to help you on your mindfulness journey:


Tip 1 - Showering

This is a 5 - 10 minute meditation session

Focusing the mind on one thing is a technique in many types of meditation which helps to calm and relax. In this mini mindfulness exercise, you focus on showering. Most people find showering really pleasant and as it’s something we do daily; adding mindfulness techniques can super boost its beneficial effects.  Showering in this mindful way heightens and raises awareness, which in turn calms and relaxes the mind and body. Pay attention to the below:

  • Feel the sensation of the water on your skin and hair
  • Feel the temperature and the pressure of the water
  • Hear the sound as it falls and sprays
  • Observe the droplets splashing on your body
  • Take time to feel your skin’s texture, see its colour.
  • Deeply inhale the scent of the soap as you wash, feel the lather
  • Notice how your aches diminish and you relax under the heat of the water
  • Keep focused on sensations
  • If other distracting thoughts enter, simply witness them and return your attention to observing

SenSpa’s Relaxing Body Wash from our natural skin care range is beautifully scented and with lavender as a key ingredient it is also promotes relaxation.


Tip 2 - Put Your Feet Up

This is a 5 - 20 minute session

Lie on your back and put your feet up against the wall for anything from 5 - 20 minutes depending on how much time you have. This is a huge relief for legs and feet after long day of being on your feet. It allows blood to flow away from feet and legs, releasing pressure on veins, and you can feel the relief immediately. Doing this daily works wonders for feet and legs and helps prevent swelling, especially for people who are sitting or on the go all day.

Better still, if you have more time, soak your feet for 5 minutes in warm water with a handful of Willow Beauty Luxury Bath Salts added.

  • Towel dry, massage calves and feet with Willow Beauty Luxury Organic Foot Therapy Cream. The comfrey and lavender combination has a cooling, soothing, refreshing action.
  • Now elevate your legs and feel the difference a bit of pampering and therapy makes to your sense of wellbeing.

Willow Beauty Luxury Bath Salts Mini Set - SenSpa


Tip 3 - Go For A Walk

This session can be as long as you like! 

Retreat to a calming location, preferably away from the noise of traffic and take a soothing stroll. Take a moment to absorb what is around you; the scents, the feeling of fresh air on your skin, the sights of birds, the trees moving in the breeze, the crunch of leave beneath your feet and listen to the sounds of nature as you move slowly along the path.

Take a Scentered ‘De-Stress’ Therapy Balm with you on your travels and inhale the scents of Chamomile, Neroli, Mandarin, Rosemary and Sweet Brazilian Orange and feel calmer in the process.


For the ultimate mindfulness retreat and mental health reset, why not join us at SenSpa for a 'Revive & Renew' spa day?

Relax in the spa’s hydrotherapy pool, refresh with a cooling ice shower experience and detox in the crystal steam room. The Revive & Renew Spa Day will give you the boost you have been looking for.

Your Revive & Renew Spa Day Includes:

  • Arrival and welcome at 9.15am
  • Use of the award-winning SenSpa and Health Club facilities
  • 2 course Thai lunch at Zen Garden with a glass of Champagne
  • SenSpa ‘Best Sellers’ Gift Box worth £27
  • Departure at 4.15pm


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