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Treatment of the Month - Rhassoul Mud Treatment

Treatment of the Month - Rhassoul Mud Treatment

Try something new this Valentine's Day. Unwind together in your own private mud chamber whilst gentle steam fills the air allowing the ancient Rhassoul mud to deeply nourish your skin.

About Rhassoul Mud

Morocco is home to Rhassoul mud that is mined in the Atlas Mountains and has been used for over 1,400 years to rejuvenate hair and skin. Our Moroccan Hamman Massage uses Rhassoul mud due its many benefits including improving skin clarity and texture by deep cleaning and detoxifying the toxins from the body.

The Benefits

Combining the healing effects of steam with detoxifying Rhassoul clay, the Rhassoul Mud Treatment is truly a unique experience. Not only is it deeply relaxing, but it can improve the health and vitality of your skin and hair.

The increasing popularity of rhassoul spa treatments is hardly surprising considering the extensive list of benefits the mineral-rich mud provides  including detoxification, reducing oily skin and dandruff and tightening of pores. 

The absorbing and degreasing properties of rhassoul would benefit anybody who is concerned with the effects of the environment on their skin, but in particular people with combination and oily skin. Getting muddy head-to-toe is also a fun and unique spa experience with a friend or loved one. 

About the treatment

Our Rhassoul experience takes place in a private mosaicked steam chamber where Black Soap, Shea Butter and pots of Rhassoul mud are laid out for you - no therapist is present. 

You will apply organic black soap to your body to deeply cleanse the skin and detoxify. Then relax and unwind whilst steam fills the room to open your pores to allow the active properties of the lava clay to work. This deeply nourishing and intensely cleansing ritual rejuvenates the skin and works internally to detoxify and stimulate the bodies systems.

Exfoliate using a kessa glove before applying the mud to your body, face and scalp (if you wish), sit and relax for 25 minutes whilst the mud works its magic. During this time you will hear gentle music and occasional steam will fill the room allowing you to work the mud over your body. Towards the end of the session an overhead water mist is released and  an overhead shower signals that it is time to remove the mud.

Lastly, apply nourishing Shea Butter to the skin to hydrate and soften. The butter contains key vitamins to maintain healthy skin and promote skin rejuvenation. We advise doing this after your spa day is over so that it doesn't wash off in the pool later that day. 

Please note that this treatment is not recommended for those who are pregnant or have Lymphoedema.

Book your Rhassoul Mud Treatment or enjoy as part of a luxury spa day or spa break.

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