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How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

With nearly 50% of Brits getting less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep, SenSpa Director, Lina Lotto, has created a natural bath and body range to prepare you for the best nights sleep possible.

Sound Baths - Supporting Health Through Sound Vibration

Experience the deep relaxation induced by sound therapy at a sound bath session near you. Hosted by gong-maker Barry Mason and his partner Lina Lotto in celebration of World Wellness Weekend.

What Do Probiotics Do In Skincare?

What are probiotics? Why are probiotics useful in a skincare routine? Discover why probiotics are the new buzzword in skincare regimes; unearth the benefits they offer; find out exactly what they do for your skin with SenSpa experts.

The Healing Power of Breath: Harnessing the Benefits of Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing takes respiration to a new level that has the potential to improve our overall health. On the SenSpa blog, we discover the benefits of conscious breathing.

Unlock The Secret Ingredients To Reduce The Appearance of Scars & Stretch Marks

Are you self-conscious about your body due to stubborn scars or stretch marks? Is getting your desired appearance challenging due to these skin imperfections? Fret not, there are ingredients that can help reduce their appearance. So, what...

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is renowned for its ability to retain water and moisturise the skin, creating a glowing, dewy complexion whilst simultaneously fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Discover how to use hyaluronic acid and its benefits on the SenSpa blog.

Menopause & Self-Care: The Benefits of Spa Therapies

With bookings now open for our 'Moments for Me' Menopause Spa Day and Treatment, we're taking a deeper dive into menopause and self-care, plus the benefit of spa therapies on women's minds, bodies and souls during this transformative phase of life.

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection and Sensehacking

Following the launch of our new summer Sensehacking Spa Day at Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa, we're exploring the mind-body connection and sensehacking for wellbeing on the blog.

Moving Towards A More Sustainable Future at SenSpa

In a time when it has never been more important to protect our environment, small changes can make a huge difference to our planet. Wherever possible, SenSpa is making a conscious effort to reduce waste,...

The Top 3 Benefits of Using Argan Oil For Skin & Hair Health

Here at Hampshire Spa, SenSpa, we love Argan oil so we have shared our top 3 benefits of using Argan oil with you.